Leadership Crisp

Leadership Crisp is a community leadership program designed to inform committed and qualified individuals who are capable of fulfilling leadership positions in Cordele and Crisp County.  Leadership Crisp is sponsored by the Cordele-Crisp Chamber of Commerce.


Leadership Crisp, through educational opportunities, is designed to prepare and build leaders for Cordele and Crisp County. Leadership Crisp will prepare participants to work within the community as effective leaders.


  • Identify and select current and potential leaders to participation the program.
  • Prepare participants to be effective professionals by sharpening their leadership skills.
  • Challenge participants to greater Civic involvement in the community
  • Examine programs and agencies that currently operate in the community.
  • Coordinate and encourage efforts to involve participants in community leadership and/or volunteer services.


Leadership Crisp begins with a Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon one and ½ day retreat in January focusing on team building and working with people. In addition, the monthly sessions are scheduled each month February through May on the third Thursday 8:30 am – 4 pm each month. The sessions will include lectures, panel discussions, field trips, (including one to Atlanta date to be determined) and study groups. Local topics will include: History of Crisp County, Local Agencies, Local Government, Education, Quality of Life, Tourism, Industry and other current issues.


Leadership Crisp will bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have demonstrated talent and commitment for leadership. A selection committee will choose up to 30 specially selected individuals, from the applications submitted, to participate in Leadership Crisp.


Tuition for the 5-month Leadership Crisp Program is $350 per participant. Business firms and organizations usually pay tuition for the participants from their firms, although a participant may pay his or her tuition personally. The tuition should not discourage participants from applying for Leadership Crisp because scholarships may be available.


Leadership Crisp can also grant partial scholarships in order to include individuals otherwise unable to participate. Any company or organization, which does not have a nominee for the 2024 Leadership Class, but wishes to support the program, should consider a gift of scholarship funds to make the program available to those who would not otherwise be able to participate.

If scholarships are available, they will be awarded based upon need by the Selection Committee.


The applicant and immediate supervisor are asked to commit to the attendance and participation policies of the program at the time the application is submitted. Full Participation in Leadership Crisp will be required to graduate the program.

Comment from Past Graduate:

Leadership Crisp really expanded my knowledge and my view of the county and provided a wonderful way for me to network with other leaders in the community.  I give Leadership Crisp my highest recommendation and I strongly encourage emerging and establishing leaders to take the time to engage in this opportunity. -Ed Vaughn